Hyades is a multiplayer-only space strategy game meant to be played over a time scale of days or weeks.



Hyades is a 4x (eXploration, eXpansion, eXploitation, eXtermination) space strategy game in the grand tradition of games like VGA Planets, Stars!, Master of Orion, Ascendancy, and other games that I have not played. Hyades is designed from the ground up to provide the most compelling and strategically deep gameplay available anywhere. Anyone can run a Hyades server and start a game, public or private. Play against skilled Internet opponents or play against your floormates and friends.


Hyades lives at http://hyades.sourceforge.net/. I maintain an anonymous CVS repository of the development source plus I make both binary and source releases frequently. Surf over to the website and give Hyades a try.


Hyades is free software, which means that anyone can play, develop, or contribute. I, Jonathan Pearce, am the original game designer and package maintainer. You can email me at jonathan@pearce.name if you have requests, suggestions, or questions.


The concepts embodied by Hyades were originally conceived while I was a student at Carnegie Mellon University around my senior year. Planning efforts did not begin until the fall of 2002, with development beginning in earnest shortly after that time. Hyades is still being actively developed, with many new features on the way! Please read the NEWS or ChangeLog documents for the latest developments. Also, check out the TODO list for features coming soon.


Go read the FAQ.

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