Hyades is a free space strategy game developed using the GPL. In Hyades, there are no battle boards or special battle engines—all battles take place in the same 3D space that ships travel through from star to star. Hyades features realistic game mechanics and multiplayer oriented play. Hyades is currently under development and an alpha release is planned for 2004.

To learn more about Hyades, you should look over our FAQ or read the About information. To give Hyades a try, head over to our Download section.


Celestia is a OpenGL–powered, multi–platform, real–time space simulation released under the GPL.

If you're interested, you might want to browse a good N-body website for an idea of what we're attempting to accomplish here.

Modern research in propulsion systems can be a good way to start thinking about Hyades gameplay.

Another interesting, though not directly applicable, website deals with game design and would useful for anyone who wants to help define what Hyades is.

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